99 How to design houses on feng shui New Year

99 How to design houses on feng shui New Year

At the end of the year, everyone was busy with interior decoration. Homeowners refurbish each area: living room design, kitchen design, bedroom refurbishment to welcome a new and safe year. Here, 99 ways to design feng shui furniture that you may not know.

Decorate the living room
For the No.1 preoccupied space of every Vietnamese family, after removing old furniture, which is no longer suitable for space, homeowners will decorate the house, furnish a good trend. any layout that the family feels like the best.

Interested in the main entrance area
Starting with the lobby area, which is regarded as “the beginning of luck”, the homeowner must ensure that there is no mess so that energy is always circulated. Staggered hangers, irregular shoes will reduce the amount of positive energy in your home.

Home decorations always start from checking the living room main area

Therefore, a wall locker or a shoe cabinet will compact the entire space. The built-in shoe cabinet structure will not make the entrance space invasive. In order to activate the space that really puts the best feng shui in place, you should place a beautiful mirror in the fragrant flower. Energy will definitely be abundant.

Decorate the villa with beautiful small garden area suitable for the area

If you own a townhouse or a villa space, the front of the house can be redesigned. This New Year, you put a beautiful feng shui tree and light the two sides of the door, this perfect front door image will represent wealth, attract fortune.

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