Who is Vindesign?

Built on the foundation of creativity, Vindesign always tries and tries to maintain its pioneering position in the high-end furniture market in Vietnam today.

We named "Vindesign" with a deep sense of pioneering, at the forefront of every trend and movement of the interior design and construction industry.

The name "Vindesign" was chosen with the aim of giving families the most luxurious, most classy, most impressive and luxurious living spaces.

Vision, mission

To be worthy of your trust and belief, Vindesign will navigate through outstanding design and construction projects with the latest trends in the world. And to fulfill that noble mission, we will have to be at the forefront of building "standards" in the process of operation. From the beginning, we brought on that noble mission of creating special values for every family, and more than anything, that is the interior space. We are committed to providing you with luxurious, modern, "quality" and completely different buildings.
A unit is rated as successful when receiving the most trust, trust and support of customers. Deeply understanding that problem, Vindesign always inspires all members of the team, so that anyone can always take care of the product to the smallest detail. All limits will be broken to create the best service for customers:
  • Commit to 100% standard work progress under contract with customers
  • Taking customers' benefits as a core value for all activities of the company
  • Prestigious and reliable warranty and maintenance for all products
  • Absolute assurance of quality and origin of materials, commitment to refund 100% of the cost if there are any mistakes.

Service quality


Factory and technology

In order to meet the needs of our customers to the best, more than anyone else, we always understand that there is a need for a thorough investment in facilities, especially factory systems and production plants. Vindesign has invested and built a system of workshops and factories with scale up to thousands of hectares. In particular, the interior is fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment according to international standards, in order to meet all production activities of the workers, bringing customers quality products. Highest, perfect and suitable for space. Technology is also an important issue not to be missed, the application and transfer of advanced European production technology is prioritized by Vindesign to ensure a maximum of functional and aesthetic issues for each product.

Human Resources

Vindesign owns a team of high-quality, enthusiastic, responsible employees, with a professional and enthusiastic working style, able to advise customers most enthusiastically. Each of the architects at Vindesign has extensive experience in the field of interior design, with intensive training from prestigious and prestigious architecture universities at home and abroad. Talent and creativity are what architects express in every design idea, with the "unlimited creation" method to create the most perfect "spiritual children". Once again, Vindesign always affirms its strong pioneering position in the Vietnamese furniture market. We have received a lot of interest, trust and choice of customers as well as appreciation of the quality of professionals in the profession, confident to become a reliable address for the ultimate living space. yours.