Design service

According to statistics, up to 50% of homeowners do not attach importance to interior design when they come home or even care but not enough time and manpower. Even many homeowners have spent billions of dong to buy expensive furniture but still cannot create a comfortable and modern living space. That’s why you need to find a professional interior design unit.

What do you get when choosing the interior design service of Vindesign?

Vindesign interior design service is evaluated according to 5-star standard, to meet the highest demands of customers:

  • There is no limit to the number of revisions to drawings
  • Standard design according to customer requirements
  • Get specific ideas for each space, regularly update new design trends
  • Optimize performance for the entire house
  • Practical design, designed for construction

Team of talented architects

Human resource is the most important piece to create a picture of a successful business. Understanding this, Vindesign always focuses on selecting and building a team of interior design experts.

  • KTS team with more than 10 years of experience in the field of design – construction of high class furniture.
  • Many projects have been implemented in major urban areas such as Vindesign Riverside, Vindesign Thang Long, Royal City, Mandarin Garden, Ecopark …
  • Specially trained at domestic and foreign architecture schools.
    Regularly exchange and exchange experiences with architects in advanced countries

With high quality human resources, you can completely rest assured and put your faith in our interior design service.

Interior design and construction package

As one of the few interior design companies with its own factory, Vindesign is committed to ensuring 100% of design value in real construction products. When witnessed by a team of skilled workers working with the help of modern machinery systems in the company’s scale factory, you will be completely assured of the interior of your future home. Besides, because Vindesign directly completes products when delivered to consumers, not through any intermediaries, the cost of design – construction services will be very reasonable but still ensure the quality. superior as your wish.

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