Environmental sanitation project

If design is a way to create a dream space, construction is a step to turn ideas on paper into a living entity. Interior construction is a synchronous service with design to create a luxurious and comfortable living space for customers. On the way of providing modern villas and apartment construction services, Vindesign Interior Architecture Joint Stock Company has received high appreciation of the most demanding customers for many different reasons.

High quality natural wood materials

Vindesign Furniture is always very strict in selecting interior construction materials, we use 100% natural wood imported directly in the US. Selected wood type 1 series, thoroughly dried and quality tested according to international standards before being imported to Vietnam to ensure high quality products for all customers.

Vindesign committed to quality, aesthetics for all products, especially we will refund all costs to customers if there are any mistakes in the origin and origin of materials. This is also the most important factor making the difference in Ahome’s products with all other interior units.

A team of highly qualified technical engineers

At Vindesign, the architects are carefully selected, who are highly trained in famous architecture schools, with extensive experience in high-end interior design.

In particular, the team of construction workers are highly skilled, always meticulous, take care of every detail, the features of the product, even the smallest, ensure to bring the most perfect products, standard with the design. original design, bringing absolute satisfaction to every customer.

Outstanding environmental sanitation project

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